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I support your work with expert research customized to your needs.

Here are some examples of situations in which you might benefit from the services of an expert researcher:

You are working on a creative project — a novel, a screenplay, a game. You want to explore historical materials as background and you want to be sure you get the details right.

I can answer specific questions or undertake an in-depth exploration of a place, person, or period.

You are in the midst of a scholarly project and need to consult sources in Washington-area repositories.

I can save you the cost of a trip by consulting those sources for you, or help you make the most of your research time by doing a preliminary investigation to help you prioritize your work in libraries and archives.

You are preparing an exhibit or commemorative event for your neighborhood, institution, place of worship, or historic site.

I can research and prepare text for booklets, labels, signs, websites, etc.

You are working with sources in Latin, in medieval scripts, in formats or from periods outside your field of expertise.

I can translate Latin texts, decipher indecipherable scripts, and help you evaluate the evidentiary value of various documents. 

You are in the planning stage of a new project and want to evaluate its feasibility or apply for a grant.

I can provide you with concierge reference services; compile annotated bibliographies; help you evaluate the state of research in the area that interests you; and assist you in prioritizing your work on the project.

Do you have research needs in mind other than those listed here? Drop me a line and let's discuss! Research commissions can always be customized to suit your needs and budget. (Read more on the F.A.Q. page.)